Project information

  • Category: Customer Support
  • Client: B2B
  • Model: gpt-3.5-turbo
  • Stack: OpenAI API, Django, Bootstrap
  • Project date: 05 March, 2023
  • Project URL:

Prompting GPT to Automate Customer Support

This demo showcases the ability of gpt-3.5 raw model (not fine-tuned) to act as Virtual Assistants for a given company. The purpose of this test is to validate the model's behavior as a function of the prompt and the amount of information available about the company.

Test it with different combinations of Companies and descriptions, and feel free to try to make it behave as a VA shouldn't, that is exactly the data I am most interested in.

In order to limit consumption until users are allowd to enter their own API key, visitors and conversations have a hard set token limit. You can create an account to increase this limit.